Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Siding Looking New


Summer is here again, so here are some quick tips to keep your house looking its best.

  1. Spray away dirt with your garden hose. Most problems with vinyl siding can be taken care of by simply using your hose, if you need a little more muscle, we recommend using a pressure washer that is kept level and at a 90 degree angle to the wall. This is important as the force of the pressure washer does have the ability to get some moisture behind your siding if not used correctly.
  2. Do not use harsh chemicals. Bleach, Nail polish removers, Paint thinner, etc. can damage vinyl siding due to its organic nature. It is recommended that before using a cleaner of any sort that you test it out on a small area to see if it does fade or effect the color of your siding.
  3. Do not use harmful cleaning tools. Using items like steel wool or other items to remove dirt or other items can cause scratches and damage to your siding. It is recommended to not use any of these items.
  4. Keep the barbecue away. While barbecuing on a nice summer day is a great way to finish of the work day, the heat from the barbecue has the ability to melt your siding. While the siding should not catch fire, the high temperatures from the barbecue (up to 300 degrees Celsius) will warp and potentially melt your siding. It is recommended to keep your barbecue 10ft away from your siding.