Making The Best Out of Hail Damage


Living in southern Alberta has its pros and cons without a doubt. One of these cons is undoubtedly the fact we receive such bad hail some years. While no one likes to come out of their house to see golf ball sized holes in their siding or shingles, it happens whether we enjoy it or not. So during these hard times please remember the following.

  1. Contact your insurance company.
  • While you may not want to, these damages can go much deeper than the surface. With added moisture going to your walls you can have a much more expensive problem if you wait.

2. Have an insurance adjuster come.

  • Insurance adjusters will give you their opinion on the damages and their recommendations on who to use as a company.

3. Receive Other Quotes

  • Receiving quotes from other companies is something Genuine Siding¬†wholeheartedly recommends. It is your house and you are paying for these services to be done. Make sure you only use companies with long-standing reputations, however, shopping around for the best price can save you a substantial amount. With many companies offering free quotes, it doesn’t hurt to try.

4. Get The Work Done Promptly

  • You don’t want to wait around with your house being damaged so while factoring in pricing and quality you have to consider who can get the job done properly and promptly.


Whether you choose GSR or another exterior company to do your damages after a hail story, we recommend following these steps so that you can get the best work done properly, promptly, and while saving your pennies.