Common Questions About Estimates


At Genuine Siding & Roofing we realize that many home owners have questions from contractors about why certain things must be done. We decided to outline a few of these for your convenience.

  1. Why do I have to replace the entire wall of siding?
  • You have to replace the whole walls siding generally after damage to multiple pieces as various product manufacturers will change dye lots or textures of their product. While sometimes small quantities of this product can be found, if there are multiple pieces then this is the best option. We can offer pure replacement, however, it does have the ability to look like a “patch job” and we want to deliver the best product and service to you.

2. Its just a little bit of damage, you barely notice it. Why should I fix it?

  • While siding may seem only mildly damaged, it is best to have a professional look at it. With damage to the siding you are leaving your house exposed to the elements which can cause many other problems. Also, siding may also just be cracked slightly which is not noticeable unless pressed slightly or looked at from various angles.

3. I can hear a noise coming from my siding, is that normal?

  • This question is a common question due to the windy environment that we are in. Many siding companies will only install siding based upon basic manufacturer requirements which allows the siding to move too much due to our high wind levels. If your siding is making noise there is likely an easy fix and it will just need to be tightened up. Your siding should be able to move slightly, however, if it is “slapping” then you may need to call in a company like ours to fix this.


These are the top three questions we receive, if you have any others please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us page.